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    We Face into The Wind

    An early name for Northumberland's Holy Island, where Anna Raine lives, was Innis Medcaut, or Island of the High Winds.  "We Face Into the Wind" is Anna's second solo album, and is produced by Martin Neil. 12 Tracks: Northumberland; Bonny at Morn; Aiden's Song; Felton Lonnen; Cool of the Night; Cuddy's Call for Lindisfarne; Rigging and Bell; Night Watching; Waters of Tyne; Cheviot Hills; Woman of the Ages; Hard Times.
  • Ancient Paths
    Ancient Paths

    Ancient Paths CD

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    Anna's first solo album includes some of her 'signature' pieces as well as some songs of her own. Some of you will recognise familiar words from the Complines in Celtic Daily Prayer drawn from Carmina Gadelica and other traditional sources. Here they are set to Anna's own music which has emerged over the years of saying and singing these night-time prayers with her children, Joel and Martha. Anna says, 'I hope you will want to play this album often and that it will capture something of the rhythm of the tides, the sounds of the island and also its stillness.'