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  • £4.99

    Seeking God by Carole and Robin Moulton

    To find a place of stillness in our modern world is very difficult. Yet many of us crave such peaceful space. The aim of Seeking God is to help you find that space; to help you come to a closer and deeper relationship with God. The booklet starts with a reflection, which leads into four sections of poems, inspirational photographs and meditations. The authors hope that these will gradually draw you closer to God in the still, silent centre. Seeking God is the second booklet produced  by Travelling Light Publications. The first is entitled Journey with God.
  • £3.99

    Journey with God

    The aim of this booklet is to help you to slow down and spend time drawing closer to God – not 'doing' just 'being'. It takes the form of a journey, beginning with a question: 'Where am I going?' The booklet is divided into four sections and includes reflective poems, inspirational photographs and meditations. Much of the material in this booklet has been used by the authors at retreats over recent years.