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    Reading with God: Lectio Divina

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    Lectio Divina, or the art of praying with the Bible, was an art all but lost outside monastic communities, but now being re-discovered by  increasing numbers of lay people.  Following St. Benedict's opening command in his Rule to "listen", attending to the word of God through the printed text  is an art which helps us to listen to God in a world where we are surrounded by a cacophony of noise.  David Foster has written a masterly guide to this art.
  • Deep calls to Deep
    Deep calls to Deep

    Deep calls to Deep: Going Further in Prayer

    This book could also be called From Prayers to Prayer. Deep calls to Deep explores various ways of praying and how these lead into a deeper, quieter form of contemplative prayer. At the outset some basic theoretical ideas about prayer are explored – how to understand petitionary prayer, unanswered prayer, the idea of God speaking to us in prayer, of making His will know to us. But what people these days need is help to remain focused at a deeper level of prayer. It is always important to talk as practically as possible about the contemplative dimensions of prayer. Ordinary life needs a structure for that kind of silent 'freewheeling' prayer. In this context David Foster re-examines traditional forms of prayer through meditation and also considers the bridgehead in prayer that is reached when this kind of meditation is impossible. This book is steeped in the Benedictine tradition in which the author received his formation.