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    Carry Me On CD

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    For nearly 20 years Mark Riley, a Californian by birth, has come to appreciate and embrace the life, culture and sounds of the Hawaiian nation. In order to honour the people and respect the friends and place he now calls home, this recording has involved cultural expressions, natural soundscapes and Hawaiian musicians to help tell Mark's unfolding story of journeying with God on the island of Kauai as well as internationally. The melding of modern music and indigenous Hawaiian instruments on this project is a symbol of different people groups coming together in unity and exploring their God-given heritage and unique musical gifts. [playlist images="false" ids="8781,8783,8785,8787,8791,8793,8795,8797,8799,8801,8803,8805"]   As friends, Mark and I have spent time in each other's community, learning from each other, sharing life's experiences and dreaming dreams. Mark's passion to mesh song with prayer and my heart 'to ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it,' (Jer. 6:16) has been a catalyst for this musical expression of worship.   We are so thankful to those who have shared their stories and given us some understanding of Hawaiian culture and protocol. In our exploration and relationships we have seen God through each other's eyes, learning more of the mysteries of God and tocuhing a little bit of heaven on earth.'   Martin Neil.   All proceeds directly support outreach and ministries of MMI-KAUAI