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    Walking in Valleys of Darkness : A Benedictine Journey through Troubled Times

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    Trusting in the Lord and his benevolence is easy when life is going well - not so easy when life seems difficult. Yet, walking through what the author calls 'valleys of darkness' can bring us opportunities for insight and grace we might not experience when we are walking through good times. Benedictine monk Fr. Albert Holtz invites the reader to walk with him through five periods of pain and difficulty in his own life, including being diagnosed with cancer and dealing with the death of his brother. In a series of twenty-four meditations, the author shows how insights behind such New Testament words such as courage, compassion, and trust, became a source of practical help and spiritual strength for him during those difficult times. His down-to-earth reflections can do the same for anyone trying to understand how the mystery of Christ's passion, death and resurrection can help us cope with, and even profit from, life's inevitable struggles and sufferings.