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  • £9.50

    To Love as God Loves: conversations with the early church

    'Being a Christian means learning to love with God's love.  But God's love is not a warm feeling in the pit of the stomach.  It has definite characteristics we learn in the course of our life, in the behaviour and teaching of the early monastics, as we ponder over what we can say about how God deals with us, and finally, as we model our own lives on what we have learned.'
  • £3.99

    The Love Is Activity Book

    This little book contains meditations, prayers and activities about Love, inspired by the verses in the book of Corinthians. In Paul's first letter to the Christians of Corinth in Greece, he spends a long time instructing, advising, challenging and encouraging the young church there. He hasn't visited for a few years and he knows of the immorality in the wealthy pagan city and the divisions that have emerged within the church. Although he aims not to diminish the message of the cross with 'wisdom and eloquence', he gave us, in chapter thirteen, some of the most powerful and well-known verses of the New Testament.