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A Tree Full of Angels

A Tree Full of Angels

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The Modern Catholic Classic that Helps You See the Sacred in Everyday Life

I see the first rays of  sunlight shimmering through a maple tree. And then in a twinkling I’m certain. I am standing before a tree full of angels dazzling me with their glorious presence. – From A Tree Full of Angels

“A personalized invitation to stop, look and listen for God in the here and now… (Wiederkehr) wants us to gather up the crumbs, the little things in our lives, and realise they have the makings of a banquet”. Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB, Subiaco Abbey, Arkansas

“Challenges us to remember the people in our past with a love that knows we will meet again, and look forward to the future with hope that God who so feeds us today has sent us an even greater banquet”. Reverend Nicholas Ayo, University of Notre Dame

Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB, is a member of St. Scholastica Monastery in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She directs retreats and workshops throughout the United States and is the author of The Song of the Seed and Seasons of Your Heart.

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  1. This book has been around the Community for many years. I first read it three years ago and found it so helpful that it has become a book to read again and again. The subtitle is ‘Seeing the holy in the ordinary’ and the first chapter sets the scene very well with a story of homecoming.

    The third chapter is my particular favourite because it encourages me to focus on the small, everyday beauties of life – to be present in the moment. Abbot Jerome Kodell calls the book ‘a personalised invitation to stop, look and listen for God in the here and now’. After some chapters which encourage us to seek God through waiting and meditating on Scripture the book finishes with practical suggestions and examples of ways to listen to God: through Scripture, literature and correspondence.

    This book is good for the weary soul – it becomes a friend with whom you wish to meet on a regular basis.
    Review by Ingrid Cumming

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