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Behind, around, underneath and through the day-to-day world that we inhabit is the song of the angels. It is beautiful, endless, joyful and terrible. It will be sung whether we join in with it or not, but imagine the sensation of stepping into that angel harmony and being caught up in its power and majesty. This is what the angels invite us to do. They long to teach us their song, so that we, with them, can sing a hymn of praise to the glorious universe and its maker.

Jane Williams

Many people are fascinated by angels, and some of us believe we have encountered them in our lives. But who are these mysterious beings? And what can they mean for us?
In this beautifully illustrated book, Jane Williams traces the story of angels in the Jewish and Christian traditions. She shows us how angels interact with humans at key moments in history, how they not only comfort and encourage, but also help to move people forward in important ways and at special moments.
As she explores angelic activity in the Scriptures, the author opens up for us a universe that is far more complex and intriguing than many would believe possible. Angels, she explains, are all around us, but they are only seen when they have a particular job to do. She goes on to examine questions such as:

        • What angels look like
        • Angels as bringers of good news
        • Guardian angels
        • Fallen angels
        • Angels and Jesus
        • Angels after the Bible

Angels is a book to widen our horizons and to help us set out on a voyage of discovery. It will enchant, intrigue and excite all those ready to begin the journey.

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