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At Sea With God cleverly considers the notion of seafaring as a model for our spiritual journey and invites us to leave the safety of the boatyard for the uncertainty and risk of a voyage across uncharted waters to a mysterious destination. Drawing on seven vivid images, At Sea with God casts a beautiful new light on:
The vessels that carry each of us through a lifetime of events
Cargo, which has the potential to sustain us or to weigh us down
The process of setting sail for unfamiliar destinations
Navigating uncharted waters, even when the best path is difficult to discern
Taming fear during storms and shipwrecks
Rejoicing in the serenity of calm seas and dealing with the times when we feel we are going nowhere
Choosing the best time and place to drop anchor
Written in gentle prose reminiscent of Henri Nouwen’s and C. S. Lewis’s, At Sea with God offers a short course in strengthening the soul using meditative tradition. For Christians of all denominations, Margaret Silf has created a safe harbour to savour again and again.

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