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Blessings and journeys CD

Blessings and journeys CD


This compilation has been put together by the Lindisfarne Scriptorium in order to introduce the music of three very different sources to a wider market.

The band Iona, with its unique sounds mining the rich seams of our Celtic Christian heritage, is represented by Revelation, Here I stand, Columcille and Edge of the World.

The singer and composer Jeff Johnson, with his inspirational vocals producing soundscapes of wonder and beauty, is represented by Benediction, Psalmus Theme, Bless the Lord, Navigatio and A Door into Heaven.

The Northumbria Community’s music is represented by One Thing I Have Asked (from Morning Prayer), I Bind unto Myself This Day (from Waymarks), May the Peace of the Lord Christ (from Morning Prayer), Haven Song (from Waymarks) and My Prayer for You (from Songs of Blessing).

Though the musical style of each is very distinctive, these musicians all share a common desire to journey seeking God’s mercy and blessing; and in turn to be a blessing to others – especially through their music. Enjoy this thoughtful collection of tracks as a spur to meditation and prayer – or just for the sheer enjoyment of the music. (And may it also prove a spur to the purchase of the albums represented here!)

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