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Catch the Wind: a precursor to the emergent church

Catch the Wind: a precursor to the emergent church


Innovation and openness to new idea are all around us, but in the church there seems to be a way of thinking and behaving that has written change out of the agenda. As a result, many have left the church or, as Charles Ringma says, ‘go to church out of habit or guilt, but are frustrated, alienated and don’t participate in its life.’

How can people be equipped to reverse this trend? How can they begin to be responsible for their own spiritual growth? What might the church of the future look like? How can churches be organised as if people matter? Can the experience of church be more like that of a family?

These are the questions that Charles Ringma confronts in Catch the Wind. It doesn’t offer a single ‘model’ for the church. But is does make a case for a more dynamic less structured and risk-taking approach that both builds people up and equips them for mission in the world.

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