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Celtic Daily Prayer 2: Daily Readings: Colman: June: PDF download

Celtic Daily Prayer 2: Daily Readings: Colman: June: PDF download


This downloadable pdf contains the Colman daily readings from CDP2 (Further Up and Further In) for the month of June.

Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

This month’s notes centre on the sayings of the Desert Fathers, the very first monks.  They fled into the deserts of Egypt, Palestine and Syria, starting with St Antony at  the end of the third century. They wanted a life of solitude in which to seek God for  His own sake and live out their Christian faith away from the pressures and  temptations of the world. Yet they also sought each other’s help and advice, because  they recognised that in solitude and quiet we are forced to confront the sin and  temptation that lie within. 

Their collective wisdom and understanding was seen as so helpful that their sayings  and stories were gathered into books very early on. The importance of these  sayings, and the lives and spirituality out of which these sayings grew, has had a  great influence throughout the centuries – on the Celtic Church, on the Western and  (especially) the Eastern Churches, on our own Northumbria Community, and on  Christian theology in general.

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