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Celtic Daily Prayer 2: Daily Readings: Colman: September: PDF download

Celtic Daily Prayer 2: Daily Readings: Colman: September: PDF download


This downloadable pdf contains the Colman daily readings from CDP2 (Further Up and Further In) for the month of September.


When we say YES to the practice of hospitality, do we immediately think of inviting
our friends around for a meal with a good bottle of wine? Does hospitality for us
mean a pleasant social setting, food and drink shared with people we like and in
places where we are comfortable? Our understanding and lifestyle may have
become quite limited, for hospitality has far broader possibilities than these!
This month of readings will hopefully help us to expand our narrow definitions of
hospitality and encourage us into far more radical ways of opening ourselves to
others. In reading the Gospels we find that Christ did indeed share plenty of meals
and some wine too with people, but in a way that was out of keeping with the polite
practices of the day, that even disturbed polite society. And his practice of hospitality
extended beyond the meal table and the home and out onto the roads and waysides,
where he journeyed in anticipation of personal encounter with individuals and with
crowds, always with an attitude of openness and welcome, available, always
vulnerable. These words invite us to re-think our understanding of hospitality, to
become braver, let down some barriers, let go of our prejudices, walk headlong into
true availability and vulnerability by extending a hospitality of heart.


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