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Healing Agony : Re-Imagining Forgiveness

Healing Agony : Re-Imagining Forgiveness


How can we access the energy and wisdom needed to embark on the generous and healing venture of trust that we call forgiveness? One of the most profound challenges a human being can ever face is how to forgive in the aftermath of injury, hurt or violation. “Healing Agony” explores the theology of forgiveness alongside a number of contemporary forgiveness stories in order to glean insights for those facing just this challenge. While God’s forgiveness is revealed to be a simpler matter than is sometimes imagined, forgiveness between human beings is shown to be far more difficult, enigmatic and open-ended.

This book offers a map of the rugged terrain that victims of serious harm, or those who seek to accompany them, will need to navigate if they embark on the venture of trust we call forgiveness.

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