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Humility Matters: towards purity of heart

Humility Matters: towards purity of heart


Humility Matters makes the claim that humility is for a disciple of Jesus Christ what enlightenment is for a Buddhist, realization for a Hindu, surrender for a Muslim and righteousness for a Jew.  It is the unmistakeable character  of one who has accepted the vocation to undertake the spiritual journey.  it is at the core of our experience of life in Christ.

Sr. Meg Funk guides readers deeper into a life of humility by following the movement of what early Christians called the four renunciations; to renounce our former way of life, our thoughts of our former way of life, our self-made thoughts of God and our self-made thoughts of ourselves.  With the help of the compelling examples of St. Benedict, St Teresa of Jesus, and St Therese of Liseux, Sr Meg shows the way to ongoing conversion of  mind, heart and way of life.

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