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Inside Grief

Inside Grief


A deep and serious guide for all who are involved personally or professionally with bereavement, this book offer a practical list of resources and further reading.

‘There are no timeless right answers to be found; and awareness of the cultural and religious diversity of our society shows us how diverse the rituals are that allow people to make what sense they can of their grief. Ben Rhodes gently points out some of the pitfalls that may open up when such awareness is lacking; and Howard Cooper offers a richly three-dimensional picture of aspects of grieving in Jewish communities…

Richard Smith’s account of the rituals of death and mourning in the armed forces reminds us of how violent death in foreign was has come once again to be a regular aspect of people’s experience in the UK, in a way largely unknown in the four decades before the 1990s. It is moving to hear about the improvising of rituals – and disturbing also to think about the inescapable pressures that seem to leave so little time and space for the handling of this traumatic kind of loss … If we are to find words of faith to speak in the presence of loss, they have to emerge from whatever we can do to inhabit the territory alongside those who are grieving, to move as far inside as we can; and for Christians that is entirely consistent with their central belief in God who heals only by inhabiting the world of death and grief.’

From the foreword by Rowan Williams

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