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On Making Choices

On Making Choices



Decisions. decisions! Not just half a dozen, but scores, even hundreds of them every day.

The range of choices we face seems to grow exponentially, as does the accompanying stress. Can we learn to choose well?

On Making Choices seeks to make the process less stressful, more focused and more fruitful. It uses a few simple tools that combine the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions with the common sense of the twenty-first century and looks at the questions such as:

  • How do we decide which choices focus on?
  • How do we learn to be true to ourselves?
  • How do we learn from the wisdom without and the wisdom within?
  • How do we turn our compromises and collusions into choices that reflect the very best in us?
  • How do we implement our choices? And can we change the course if we get things wrong?

Using short pieces of text and offering suggestions, not rules, Margaret Silf encourages us to trust the processes of our own heart and mind.

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