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Revolution of Character

Revolution of Character


Discovering Christ’s Pattern for Spiritual Transformation by Dallas Willard and Don Simpson

Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart has become established as a classic guide to the spiritual life. In this abridged version, Don Simpson makes its riches more easily available for devotional use.

The authors believe that we fail in the spiritual life mainly through neglect of the roles played by the various elements of our personality. They reflect on each of these elements – heart, mind, body, social life and soul – and invite us to understand its role, train it in new patterns, and expose it to God’s transforming power. This holistic approach will, they suggest, produce new ways of responding to life, and will result in profoundly changed character.

The accessible distillation of an award-winning work can be read as an ordinary book, or used for personal study and prayer or on retreat. Suggestions for meditation and response appear at the end of each chapter.

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