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Strangely Warmed is a collection of short pieces which take a wry look at the world and reflect on questions that arise form the everyday. The advertising slogan, the church jumble sale, the Routemaster bus: all can unexpectedly bring us close to God. Reviews of this refreshing book include:’Pious claptrap and hand-wringing sanctimonious drivel. If that is what you are expecting you are going to be sadly disappointed. These meditations from a parish priest are witty, erudite, self-deprecating, eloquent and thoughtful. They are even quite short. Strangely Warmed? Yes, I actually was.’ Ian Hislop

‘Andrew Rumsey’s meditations break the mould of Lent books. His eye for the ridiculous, his ear for the telling, resonating phrase, and his deep but refreshingly different spirituality merge effortlessly. Think Spike Milligan doing Thought for the Day. You will laugh out loud one minute and want to pray out loud the next. Many Christians suffer from irony deficiency. Rumsey might just be the cure.’ Tom Wright.

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