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Tackling Trauma : Global, Biblical, and Pastoral Perspectives

Tackling Trauma : Global, Biblical, and Pastoral Perspectives



Trauma is a universal phenomenon that can be caused by international catastrophes or individual, personal tragedy. Trauma is also a severely neglected topic in Christian literature, and while it can challenge someone’s faith in Christ, God and the ministry of his Word is central to dealing with the emotional and psychological impact of trauma. By his Spirit, through his Word, and through his church, God is available to minister to people suffering from trauma and bring transformation to their lives.

In this book, a team of experienced and informed Christian professionals from around the world promote a deep biblical response to trauma through clinical and theological wisdom and their first-hand experience of witnessing and experiencing trauma. The contributions provide practical responses to people’s trauma, rather than mere descriptions of the problems, making it an ideal resource for pastors, counsellors, humanitarian workers and students.

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