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Adventuring into Prayer – by Margaret Silf

We want to pray…but how? Taste and See spreads out a feast of possibilities to encourage us to explore ways, both new and old, of coming closer to the heart of God, of ourselves and of each other, in personal prayer. The feast is rich with the flavours of personal experience, and spiced with illustrations and suggestions for further exploration. It will be welcomed by those just setting out on the journey of prayer, as well as by seasoned travellers looking for companionship on the way. It can be used by individuals on their own or by groups who want to journey together.

The book begins with ways of coming to inner stillness, and developing the art of reflective living. Then, starting from wherever we are, in our everyday experience, it explores very specific and accessible ways of bringing this experience into the transforming light of God’s presence.

Imaginative ways of praying with Scripture are introduced and problems in prayer are honestly faced. What does intercessory prayer really mean, and can prayer make sense when our lives are in ruins? Can we really have a conversation with God? How does prayer relate to the newspaper headlines we read each day? And was Paul really serious when he urged us to ‘pray continually’?

The author shares stories and examples from her own experience of living and praying in a world which is recognizably solid and real, but which is also ‘charged with the Glory of God’. She invites us to embark on our own adventure into prayer and promises that we will not be disappointed.

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