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Thank God It’s Monday

Thank God It’s Monday



Five days a week. Or six. Thirty, forty, sixty hours.

90,000 in a lifetime. An abundance of creative possibility. So much more than a means to a mortgage, our work is a gift from God.

And he wants to see us flourish in it all, doing what we were made to do: creating value, building homes or businesses, teaching primary school or training pilots, stitching up minor injuries or serving macchiatos. Being everyday servants and witnesses in the world he entrusted to each of us, giving glory to the One who made us and gave us work to do. And yet, how many of us feel equipped, spiritually? Prayed for? Prepared for the opportunities and the challenges, the joys and the trials?In this innovative, compelling, often funny, story-filled book, ex-adman Mark Greene explores what the Bible has to say about contemporary work.

From dealing with the boss, to being the boss; from working with competitive co-workers, to the challenges of working alone, here’s an empowering, tried and tested guide towards a more fulfilling and fruitful working life. A special 25th anniversary edition of a contemporary classic that’s stood the test of time and has been joyfully revised and updated for the times we’re in.

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