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The Art of Loving

The Art of Loving




In disarmingly simple down-to-earth language Chiara Lubich draws her readers into the very heart of evangelical love and gently challenges them to start living it. She never tired of repeating the ideas that shine through each of the texts collected in this volume. Even as she lay dying, she urged those around her to spread the gospel message of unity and peace to everyone. The few simple phrases that compose her “Art of Loving”, drawn from the gospels, disclose the secret of human fulfillment found in divine love: ‘Love everyone’, ‘Be the first to love’, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, ‘Love each other as I have loved you’, and ‘Make yourself one’. “The Golden Rule”, the universal message of Christianity and the essence of every great religion, is written into the spiritual DNA of every person, even those who seem far from God. In today’s ever-changing society “The Art of Loving” can serve as a daily handbook for anyone who wishes to heed what Chiara Lubich understood to be the primary vocation of every human person and the source of personal and collective fulfillment: the call of Love.

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