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The Book of Creation: The practice of Celtic Spirituality

The Book of Creation: The practice of Celtic Spirituality


In the Celtic tradition, God speaks through two books: the Bible and creation. Influenced by the wisdom tradition of the Old Testament and the mysticism of John’s Gospel, Celtic spirituality sees creation not simply as a gift, but as a self-giving of God. His image is to be found deep within all living things: sin might bury his living presence, but never erases it. His voice can be heard speaking through all created things.

For centuries, the view that the world is alienated from God has damaged our understanding of creation, but today, as many are rediscovering their Celtic heritage, we are again learning to reverence creation as the dwelling place of God. This original and exciting book takes us on an exploration of each of the days of creation as recorded in Genesis and introduces us to a very practical Celtic spirituality, which will open our eyes to recognize the presence of God all around.

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