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The Things He Said: The story of the first Easter Day

The Things He Said: The story of the first Easter Day


Many a popular Good Friday devotion is based on Jesus’ seven last words from the Cross. But there isn’t the same emphasis on the words Jesus spoke on Easter Day – words, as it were, from an empty tomb. Following the resurrection, we would expect the triumphant ‘I have risen from the dead!’ Yet Jesus’ statements are so different, so apparently unremarkable, that they are often overlooked. Each Gospel gives a different account of the very first words of the risen Lord. This book reveals how these words, and the events that followed, speak to us as powerfully as the words from the cross. They illuminate our understanding of the resurrection, helping us to penetrate its meaning and significance. They also speak of God’s purpose for us today as we try to discover what it means to be an Easter people. The Christian faith stands or falls on the resurrection of Jesus; without it, says St Paul, we are to be most pitied. In this revelatory book of surprising reflections, Stephen Cotterell’s retelling of the Easter story encourages us to slow down and hear it properly – perhaps for the very first time.

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