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The Wonder of the Beyond

The Wonder of the Beyond



by David Adam

Over fifty joyous years, David Adam has exercised a rich and profoundly influential ministry. His origins were humble if romantic: his father, an itinerant laborer, and mother, a traveller, had their first momentous encounter at the west end of Loch Ness on a summer’s day in the early 1930’s. They were married within a week.

David was born in Alnwick, Northumberland, a few years later, and encouraged from his earliest days to use his eyes to absorb what was around him. He writes: “ I lived in a land of open fields, moorland and beaches: a land of castles, of history, of heroes, saints and story… a radiant world… full of the mystery of existence.”

The aim of The Wonder of Beyond is primarily to help us enter David Adam’s own words, ‘ a wonder-filled world’; to open our eyes, ears and hearts to what is about us; to become truly aware of the glory of God in our midst.

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