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Walking the Edges: Living in the Presence of God

Walking the Edges: Living in the Presence of God



Walking the Edges – Living in the Presence of God – David Adam

What does it mean to live in the presence of God?

Combining story with spiritual reflection, poems and prayers, Walking the Edges invites us to journey to the borderlands, the place inhabited by Christians willing to extend themselves in adventurous living for the sake of love. Here, on the edges of the unknown, God the great Other is ever to be found. Each time we open our eyes to beauty, to wonder, to mystery, our lives are renewed. Every time we fail to reach out beyond the solid and the comfortable, we kill the life that is in us though the outcome of various events in our lives may be unknown; God continually calls us from death to life, promising an abiding presence and glorious future.

Walking the Edges draws on the stories of St Martin, St Ninian, St Patrick, St Oswald and St Cuthbert. It also offers an insight into David Adam’s childhood, his early life as a coal miner, and his unexpected call to the pastoral ministry which has been a blessing to so many around the world.

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