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Whispers from the Edge of Eternity

Whispers from the Edge of Eternity


Whispers from the Edge of Eternity – Charles Ringma (Reflections on Life and Faith in a Precarious World)

The Christian journey is far more complex than an evolutionary upward movement. There are strange contours in the road. Faith is the evidence of things unseen, but it also has its uncertainties, and our healing is far from complete. Moreover, we continue to live in a world where there is so much injustice. This meditational reader seeks to reflect something of this kind of textured picture of the Christian journey.

Whispers from the Edge of Eternity contains daily Scripture readings and reflections on many issues of the Christian life. Throughout this book Charles Ringma mediates the wisdom of theologians, philosophers, novelists, and writers on Christian spirituality from across the centuries, challenging us to experience God not only times of prosperity, but also in the shadows of pain and suffering. Readers will be encouraged in the journey of discipleship by such diverse voices as St. Augustine, Blaise Pascal, Dorothy Day and Henri Nouwen.

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