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    India – One Act of Kindness

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    India- One Act of Kindness is a love story that reads like a modern day Acts of The Apostles written by an Irishman. It is jam-packed full of true stories of dreams, visions, prophecy, healings, raising the dead, child sacrifice, demons, angels, visions of Jesus and heaven, glimpses of hell, idol worship, conversions, blessings, persecutions, gangsters, answered prayer, fasting, intercession, arranged marriages, kidnapping, suffering, babies, opposition, compassion, beating, orphans, AIDS, supernatural provision and much more. It is a life and death story of love and hope triumphing over impossible odds of adversity and rejection in response to the call of God. Reading this book has been an emotional experience for many. If you are tender hearted you will shed many tears as you weep with those who weep in this wonderful book.