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  • Franciscan Spirituality
    Franciscan Spirituality

    Franciscan Spirituality: Following St Francis Today

    What is special about the spirituality of St Francis? Can it be possible for ordinary men and women today, with family, jobs, and other responsibilities, to follow in the way of a thirteenth-century friar? Brother Ramon, an Anglican Franciscan Friar, shows us that Franciscan spirituality is as compelling and relevant today as ever. It is marked by spontaneity and emotional freedom, by openness to every human being and love for the natural world. It treasures both the evangelical and the catholic nature of the gospel. It is rooted in a biblical faith and in reverence for the whole of creation. Franciscan Spirituality introduces us to the world of Francis and his first followers and shows how their excitement and wonder at Jesus alive in their midst can still be recaptured. The book is illustrated throughout by Molly Dowell