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  • £10.99

    The Jesus Way: a conversation in following Jesus.

    Continuing Peterson's major evaluation of contemporary Christian spirituality, THE JESUS WAY asks what it means to authentically follow Christ in the modern world. As with other books in the series, THE JESUS WAY is written for both academic and serious lay audiences. Challenging but rewarding, it combines first-rate scholarship with illustrations drawn from raw human experience.
  • £14.99

    Under the Unpredictable Plant: an Exploration in Vocational Holiness

    In this book Peterson clarifies the pastoral vocation by turning to the book of Jonah, in which he finds a captivating, subversive story that can help pastors recover their "vocational holiness". Peterson probes the spiritual dimensions of the pastoral calling and seeks to reclaim the ground taken over by those who are trying to enlist pastors in religious careers.