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    Comings and Goings : Retracing the Christmas story through place and time

    Life involves many 'comings and goings', as we make our way along the path of faith day by day, guided by God's Holy Spirit. This book of readings for Advent and Christmas invites us to make a journey through time, from the end to the very beginning of all things. The daily reflections work backwards from the traditional Advent focus of the 'Four Last Things'- death, judgement, heaven and hell - via Jesus' life, death and resurrection, to come at last to the incarnation and the events commemorated at Christmas itself. In the following days, the focus turns to Christ as the Word of God, present at the dawn of creation. Along the way, we 'visit' some of the actual Holy Land sites associated with Gospel events, drawing new insights from the familiar stories.
    £7.99 £4.00
    £7.99 £4.00