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    Beauty’s Field: seeing the world

    As the leader of the World Community for Christian Meditation, Laurence Freeman's calling takes him all over the world to teach and lead groups who want to practice contemplative prayer. In this spiritual travel memoir, he recounts timeless, memorable and moving stories of people, places and events in which he has encountered God 's transformative presence. The title of the book comes from a Shakespeare sonnet and the book explores how the life of God can be found in the most unlikely places, not only in the world's beauty but even in its tragedy. Slum priests quietly bringing hope to the favelas of Brazil, the gloriously fat stone ladies of Malta which are the world's oldest depictions of God, the different effects of a mountain-top retreat on an investment banker, a tired social worker and a cancer patient, the impact of a child's death on a whole community - these and many more stories movingly reveal how the sacred strains to find expression in every life, every place, every day.
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    Sensing God: Learning to meditate during Lent

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    We often associate Lent with giving something up but it is also a good time to begin. This refreshing book is a practical introduction and guide to Christian meditation. Through this ascetic discipline, we enter into the tradition of the Desert Fathers, and as we learn to sense God’s presence and nurture the silence within, come to experience joy and well-being in every area of our lives. Fr Laurence offers meditation instructions, guidance and support, as well as 46 enriching daily reflections on the Gospels, which highlight particular Gospel themes and their continued relevance for modern living.