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    Wounded Prophet : A Portrait of Henri J.M.Nouwen

    This new edition of Wounded Prophet, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the death of Henri J M Nouwen, remains essential reading for all those who have been touched by Nouwen's writing, presenting a compelling picture of a man whose spiritually profound books emerged from his own wounded and searching soul. Wounded Prophet was the first full portrait of Henri Nouwen to emerge after his untimely death in 1996 and paints an honest and sympathetic picture, examining all areas of Nouwen's life, including his outstanding gifts as a writer and speaker, his sexuality and his deep restlessness. In a new Introduction, Michael Ford reflects on the process of writing the book and the reactions to its publication, as he received positive endorsements from people in every corner of the world, pleased especially that he had highlighted Nouwen's wounds. Ultimately this portrait strengthens Nouwen's enduring appeal and his legacy as a great spiritual writer.