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    The Face of the Deep: Part 1 of the Dorchadas Trilogy

    Douglas Romer’s career as a Vicar comes crashing down as he fails to come to terms with his young wife’s sudden and violent death. He takes a temporary leave of absence from his Sheffield parish and heads to the coastal town of Dingle in his wife’s homeland of Ireland. Here he meets various people whose lives become intricately tied to his. Among these new friends is Dorchadas, a man who claims to be a retired angel. He also meets several people whom he never imagined meeting, not least because they come from a time long before his.
  • beauty born anew
    beauty born anew

    Beauty Born Anew: Part 3 of the Dorchadas Trilogy

    After the dramatic events described in The Fairest of Dreams, life has calmed a little for Douglas Romer. He is now happily settled in the Irish coastal town of Dingle with his new set of friends. But he is concerned for Kath, who has become seriously ill. This brings to Dingle her daughters with their own set of issues. Douglas invites friends from the UK and USA over to visit, all who happen to arrive just when Kath is getting very close to death. How will they all get on together? And what is going on in the troubled soul of Father Pat? And there is Alice - after his desperate bereavement, could Douglas ever love another woman? Once again it is Dorchadas who is Douglas' close companion and confidant, though he hints disturbingly about the time drawing near for him to cease his work as an angel in human form.
  • £13.99

    The Fairest of Dreams: Part 2 of the Dorchadas Trilogy

    The story picks up from where The Face of the Deep ends. Douglas Romer has returned to Dingle, Ireland, and continues to be on sick leave following his breakdown. He is stronger following the transforming experience of Gethsemane, and yet is haunted by the fact that the killer of his wife may be turning his sights on Douglas. Once again he teams up with his friend, Dorchadas, the retired angel, and with other friends he has made in Dingle. He also encounters some other characters who, until now, he only knew as figures from the past. As the story progresses, Douglas becomes increasingly aware of the force of dark powers bearing down upon him. How will he and his friends resist their destructive force?
  • £7.99

    Seasoned By Seasons: flourishing in life’s experiences

    Like the seasons themselves, our lives are variable and can change in a moment. In Seasoned by Seasons, Michael Mitton acknowledges this and offers Bible reflections for the variety of life's seasons: spring, the season of emerging new life; summer, the season of fruitfulness; autumn, the season of letting go; winter, the season of discovering light in the dark. What can we learn, and how can we be encouraged in each season of our lives? This book will empower you to discover for yourself the truths and messages of scripture, and might well change the way you view life's changes.