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    Four Ministries, One Jesus : Exploring Your Vocation With The Four Gospels

    This book is for all who feel called to a life of Christian ministry, and want to make sure their calling is firmly based on the teaching and model of Jesus, as provided in the four Gospels. Widely respected as an international expert in Gospel studies, Richard Burridge is also a brilliant communicator with many years of pastoral experience in selecting and training people for the priesthood. Here he offers a little book that is brim full of practical advice on how to develop and maintain all the key skills needed for ministry today. The core of the book is based on the portraits of Jesus in each of the four Gospels, and helps you consider vital questions such as: how to sustain Bible study, reading and theological reflection in ministry; how to extend pastoral care to people outside as well as inside the Christian community; how to look after yourself and your family; and how to stay attuned to the Spirit by cultivating a fresh and vigorous life of prayer.