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    Barefoot Prayers: A Meditation a Day for Lent and Easter

    "Barefoot Prayers comes from someone with his feet firmly on the ground yet exposed to mystery and to God. These prayers are earthy, with a vulnerability and openness: vibrant with the humus of the earth and the breath of the Spirit." David Adam 'These are prayers with the all-too-rare quality of being freshly minted and imagined in a different register. They're evocative, playful and searching, and they demand a return visit.' John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford. 'In this book humility and grace come together to take us on a journey through Lent that will lead us closer to God. This is no easy journey, it is rooted in reality and honesty...There are moments of wonder and joy, times of challenge and struggle, and at the end a simple Amen.' Ruth Gee, President of the Methodist Conference.