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    Alone Together

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    This booklet, written by Trevor Miller, explores what it means for us to say that we journey 'Alone Together'. As one of the founders of Northumbria Community, Trevor shares his understanding of this central concept as he has lived, studied and prayed it over the past 30 or more years. Chapters include:
    • A Community understanding of the spiritual journey
    • How Alone Together helps us understand the nature of God
    • What Alone Together means for us as a Community and our way of being
    As part of our Gold Series exploring our Core Teaching, this booklet is highly recommended for all those who want to engage more deeply with our Rule of Life of Availability and Vulnerability.
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    The Heretical Imperative

    Trevor Miller, one of the leaders of the Northumbria Community, expounds on this vital (but difficult and challenging) part of the Community's Rule which exhorts us to 'take the heretical imperative'. He discusses the 'Inductive' method of approaching our faith (comparing it to the 'Deductive' and 'Reductive' approaches) and outlines five practical ways we can live this out in our daily lives.