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  • The White Stone
    The White Stone

    The White Stone: The art of letting go

    Esther de Waal is one of today's most beloved spiritual writers. In The White Stone, she reflects on the changes and losses that come with growing older. Esther reflects on solitude and, following a period of illness, saying goodbye to a family home and the Welsh border landscape she had known for decades which inspired some of her greatest writing, and adjusting to a new city environment. In her characteristic style, she sees everything as a portal into a deeper spiritual understanding. She draws on the wealth of the Christian tradition, especially scripture and the monastic and Celtic spiritualities she knows so well, to help her navigate her way through not only the inevitable sense of loss that accompanies such change, but also to embrace the new possibilities it brings. The white stone of the title refers to a small pebble from the river that ran through her garden that she keeps in her pocket, but also strikes a note of hope referring to the new identity promised by God (Revelation 2.17). This is a book of simple, profound wisdom that will speak to many coping with change in their own lives.
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    The Art of Ageing: Inspiration for a positive and abundant later life

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    This is a book which, whilst denying neither the frustrations and limitations of our mortality nor the terrible bittersweetness of our mortality, reveals the creativity, the passion, the adventures and the profound joy that can come when our elder years are fully lived and savoured. With his usual simplicity, John Lane at 80 shares his own experience and insights, offers useful advice and invites eleven other old men and women to tell their stories too. This is a delightful book; a source of practical and spritiual wisdom from a life well lived.