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    Hineni: Here I Am Lord

    'Hineni' is a Hebrew word that means "Here I am, I am available to you.  What is it that you want?" This word or phrase recurs in many familiar stories.  It is the reply of a child called in from playing outdoors by a loving parent, the response of a servant about to be given a job to do - or perhaps someone answering the phone! Sheila Hay has written these poems and prayers in times of change and uncertainty. They come from a very ancient tradition , that of repeating psalms.  The psalms of scripture  reflect every mood: trust and despair,  anger and frustration as well as quiet joy.  They invite us  to bring ourselves as we are  into an awareness of God's presence. When God seems furthest away, it seems that draws out of us an even stronger need to tell Him so!  Those who already know Sheila's  earlier poems will be eager to experience this very different offering  and will find their own heart-cries  surfacing as they travel through so many psalms of her struggles and faith-experience.  Andy Raine, Holy Island. 
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    My Mantle

    Sheila Hay has lived in Northumbria her whole life and is inspired by the people of the area, the beautiful landscape and her relationship with God. This collection of poetry has been written over the last ten years and reflects her experiences, interests, daily life and the challenges and delights of her faith. “Sheila’s poetry touches your heart and leaves it enriched, her words are real, lived in and motivate you to look for the divine in the everyday” Mary Fleeson, artist and author, Lindisfarne.