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  • £12.99

    Wrestling with the Word : Preaching on Tricky Texts

    Many biblical texts seem almost impossible to preach. They may be violent or terrifying or strange or abrasive. They may deal with matters simply beyond human experience. The preacher could well be tempted to choose an easier text on offer! But leaving taxing passages untouched means the Bible is effectively silenced. In Wrestling with the Word, well-known and accomplished preachers grapple with a range of notoriously difficult biblical Old and New Testament texts. As well as providing sample sermons - in an exhilarating variety of structural styles and voices - they offer ideas to help in the planning process of interpreting and applying such passages.
  • £11.50

    Without Apology: Sermons for Christ’s Church

    'I am convinced nothing is more important for the recovery of preaching as a central act of the church than that those who preach trust that God is going to show up when the Word is rightly proclaimed. Too often those who preach fear those to whom they preach when in fact we ought to fear God. If God is rightly expected to show up, if God is rightly feared, then those who preach and those who hear will understand no explanation is required.' (from the introduction) • Seventeen sermons from one of the best-known theologians in the US, from Saints and Letting Go to Recognising Jesus/Seeing Salvation and Clothe Your Ministers in Righteousness • Two bonus presentations on Leadership and An Open Letter to Christians Beginning College in the appendix