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    Faith and Politics after Christendom: the Church as a movement for anarchy

    This groundbreaking book examines the anarchic aspects of Jesus' message, and suggests that the demise of the church as pillar of social order gives it a fresh opportunity to exercise its prophetic role - challenging injustice, shaking institutions and undermining some of the central values and norms on which post-Christian society is built.
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    Cranky Beautiful Faith

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    Former stand-up comic and unlikely pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber weaves personal narrative, hilarious rants and powerful spiritual insight as she relates her unusual journey of faith, offering a fresh and uncompromising look at the transformative power of grace. As one of today's most provocative Christian leaders, she blends sardonic irreverence and brilliant theology to offer a new portrait of faith - one that is edgy, outrageous and, above all, real. Smart-mouthed and heavily tattooed, Nadia Bolz-Weber didn't consider herself ‘religious leader material’ and didn't expect to find her vocation leading a funeral in a smoky, downtown comedy club. But surrounded by recovering alcoholics, depressives, and comedians, she realized these were her people and maybe she was meant to be their pastor. This compassionate book portrays both church and seekers as deeply flawed yet deeply faithful.
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    The Luminous Web: Faith, science and the experience of wonder

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    The renowned author Barbara Brown Taylor reflects on two different worlds knowledge, science and faith, that are often set in opposition to one another. The one is said to rely on observable fact; the other on subjective belief. With her customary skill and grace, Barbara Brown Taylor demonstrates that these distinctions do not hold. She seeks to discover what the insights of quantum physics, the new biology, and chaos theory can teach a person of faith, why scientists often sound like poets and why physicists call on the language of imagination, beauty and mystery that is also found in scripture. Both science and religion, she finds, are dedicated to searching for truth. Both experience awe. Both are vulnerable to error, but are open to the wonder of discovery. Both are prone to desiring certainty. Both admit that there is an essential messiness to life that makes it unpredictable, that experience will always trip us up no matter what our beliefs, yet both see a symmetry and order that holds things together. Whether our understanding of the origins of the world rests in theoretical physics or God, The Luminous Web opens our eyes afresh to the wonder of creation, where we each belong and where nothing – not even the hairs of our head or a butterfly's wings – is without immense significance.