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    Repentance – Good News!

    Repentance. From Jesus's own adoption of repentance at his baptism and the opening word of his preaching, the theme winds its way through his ministry and into our lives. We see Peter, the exemplar of repentance, and the unfortunate Judas, caught up in remorse. We look at sins both personal and collective, and at God forgiving and healing. Above all we see Jesus taking on the sin of the whole world and bringing the kingdom of God so very close, this kingdom of love which brings us to our knees in adoration. This book tellingly brings home the wonderful, humble love of God to be found in Jesus.
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    From Darkness to Light

    From Darkness to Light is a masterpiece of contemplative exegesis of the Bible. Daniel Bourguet takes the reader on a challenging, three-chapter pilgrimage exploring the mystery of three conversions: in the darkness at Jesus's death, in the cries of descent into the grave, and in the light at his garden resurrection. Bourguet interprets with precision and passion the story of the one thief's conversion on the cross as he witnesses Jesus's suffering love. His treatment of Heman's cry from the depths in Psalm 88 plumbs the depths of a biblical theology of the cross. His final chapter on Mary Magdalene's transformative encounter with Jesus in the garden is brilliant, inspiring more careful study, contemplative prayer, and adoration.
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    Becoming a Disciple

    In this little book Daniel Bourguet guides our meditations on three scriptural passages that lead the reader along the pathway ordained by Christ into the depths of his being. Successively, the disciple first follows behind Jesus along the way of perfect love (Mark 1:14-20); then experiences what it is to bear the yoke with Christ and there find rest (Matt 11:28-30); and finally enters the mystery of communion in which he is in Jesus and Jesus abides in him (John 15:1-17). It is a pathway passing from vocation to struggle and then to fellowship, but leading always to joy.  In Becoming a Disciple, we see the fruit of Bourget's years of intercession, spiritual direction, and insightful exegesis--all of this at the feet of Christ. Here we see how the Gospels lead us into intimate encounters and authentic discipleship