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    The Roots of Christian Mysticism

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    By linking together a series of brilliantly-chosen texts from the early centuries of the Church, Olivier Clement lays bare the roots of the deeply mystical spirituality that has flourished among Christians through the ages. It demonstrates the constant thirst of the human being for the transcendent, and will appeal to anyone interested in the field of spirituality; it is a masterly contribution to Christian scholarship.
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    Fragile Mystics: Reclaiming a Prayerful Life

    Fragile Mystics connects our present-day yearnings and wrestlings to pray effectively with those of the mystics and holy people from the Christian past. Understanding prayer as something that is actively lived rather than set apart, and focusing on concepts such as Gaze, Deep, Thanks, Link and Dream, Magdalan Smith helps us to recover and transform our inner spaces. Whether an individual or a group leader, you will find excellent advice on putting these ideas into practice.