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    Parable and Paradox: sonnets on the sayings of Jesus

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    Since the publication of the bestselling “Sounding the Seasons” (also available from the Northumbria Community shop), Malcolm Guite has repeatedly been asked for more sonnets. This new collection offers a sequence of 50 sonnets that focus on many passages in the Gospels: the Beatitudes, parables and miracles, teachings on the Kingdom, and the `hard sayings' - Jesus' challenging demands with which we wrestle. In addition this collection includes:
    • A sequence of five sonnets on 'The Wilderness', exploring mysterious stories of divine encounter such as Jacob's wrestling with the angel.
    • Poetic reflections on music, hospitality and ecology.
    • Seven short poems celebrating the days of creation.
    • A biblical index pairing the poems with scripture readings for use in worship
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    Finding Mr Goldman: A Parable

    Had he known about the hour of his death, the wealthy Harry Goldman might have arranged his day differently. Instead, he finds himself plunged into a nightmare in which his life of violence and ruthless greed is laid bare before him. Accompanied by a disreputable-looking but likeable tramp, who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus, Goldman sets out on a quest to save his soul. But confronted by the shattering reality of hell, he becomes convinced all is lost... A gripping adventure story with an eternal meaning, Finding Mr Goldman powerfully conveys the astonishing message of the gospel - that no-one is beyond the redeeming love of God.