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    The Heart of Creation: Meditation: a way of setting God free in the world

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    In the spirituality of the desert fathers and mothers, the Benedictine monk, John Main, discovered a tradition of contemplative prayer he believed could re-energise the Church in prayer and restore its capacity to communicate a sense of wonder at the heart of creation. In his teachings on prayer, the contemplative power of early Christianity, which for centuries has been diverted to dogmatic issues and institutional structures, is once again released. The contemplative experience is simply pure attention to God in the present moment. A way of prayer that is totally simple, it invites you to set aside your own thoughts, feelings and perceptions and to let God be God. In silent contemplation, relating to God becomes more than thought, dialogue or contractualy bargaining. Instead of questioning, we awaken to the basic relationship of life which determines all other relationships, with others and with ourselves. In a busy and frenetic world, it enables us to discover redemptive, healing silence.