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    A Greening of Imaginations: Walking the Songlines of Holy Scripture

    A stirring, evocative read in which Herbert O'Driscoll peers into the white spaces between the lines of scripture, inviting us to imagine what the "back story" of our favourite scriptures might have been.  Each of the 28 short stories within these pages offers a glimpse of the thoughts and emotions of indiviuals involved, and brings alive the sights, sounds and smells of the Holy Lans.
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    The Infographic Bible: visualising the drama of God’s word

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    It doesn't just tell you the story, it shows you the story. Powerful infographics reveal new beauty and depth of understanding as you engage with Scripture's story in a fresh, visual way. Taking inspiration from the imagery Jesus evoked with His picturesque parables, The Infographic Bible reveals the character of God, his Word, and his redemptive plan in 84 stunning infographics.