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    God in Pain: The mystery of suffering

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    We need a God who knows about pain

    To speak of God in pain, says Barbara Brown Taylor, is to embrace both the biblical accounts of Christ's suffering and death, and also the God who is present in our pain. This wise and compassionate book seeks to understand that presence with characteristic grace, sensitivity, profound biblical insight and truthfulness to human experience. Part One explores the ways that God's presence can be discerned in the pains we experience in life: disillusionment, despair, betrayal, anger, enmity, family feuds, insult and injury. A series of reflections on biblical texts asks whether any good news can be found in pain. Part Two contemplates God's suffering in the unique pain of Good Friday. Reflecting on the story of Christ's crucifixion, Barbara Brown Taylor goes in search of what God went to such great lengths to reveal to us. God in Pain engages with life's most complex mystery with honesty and finds grounds for hope.