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  • £9.99

    Alternative Collects: Prayers to a Disruptive and Compassionate God

    These radical prayers break the mould of the “collect” prayers that are so familiar to millions of Christians worldwide. They are the result of the author’s struggle with the blandness and predictability of so many of the church’s traditional prayers. Useful for both personal and liturgical devotion, these prayers will both challenge and nourish. Many churches use a traditional collect in their Sunday service. Some of the familiar collects stand out in our minds as we remember their helpful phrases and expressions. But many seem to pass us by as they appear safe or predictable. Graham Turner provides us with an exciting and challenging set of alternative collects. They adopt the direct and gritty style and language often found amongst the Psalms and prophets of the Old Testament, and are honest about the discomfort we often experience as we seek to live lives following Jesus Christ whilst also acknowledging the audacious grace of God towards us.
  • £10.99

    The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy : Why Good Liturgy Matters

    We all want to celebrate the liturgy well, to experience good, uplifting, and meaningful worship. But what is the best route to follow? In The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy, Thomas O’Loughlin offers a way forward that strengthens faith, builds up Christian community, and points toward a new direction based on liturgical principles that are rooted in our natures as ritual beings as well as in the gospel. The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy explains why good liturgy is important, how to recognize it, and how to assess liturgy in terms of a larger vision of the Christian life. O’Loughlin, a seasoned theologian and teacher, identifies ten principles that make for good liturgy. Such liturgy must be honest, open, joyful, inclusive, celebrative of community, facilitative of engagement, based in creation, attentive to the marginalized, free of clutter, and true to the pattern of the incarnation. Since good celebrations build faith and bad liturgy weakens it, these principles promise to bring new life and meaning to every celebrating community.
  • £3.50

    A Call To Be

    A Call to Be is a little 16-page book of prayers and liturgy for those who minister. Not just clergy but for everyone who hears God's call to be who He wants them to be. It is for:
    • people who visit,
    • people who bake,
    • people who pray,
    • people who listen,
    • people who teach,
    • people who write,
    • people who serve,
    • people who give,
    • people who put God and others first,
    • people who love God and others unconditionally,
    • people who have a desire to see God's Kingdom prosper on earth...
    • people being who God wants them to be.