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Lost Icons


Why does our contemporary culture find it so hard to handle certain concepts and images? What aspect of the range of human possibilities have been lost in modernity and postmodernity?

Rowan Williams argues that we have let go of a number of crucial imaginative patterns ‘icons’ – for thinking about ourselves. He considers areas such as images of childhood. Our awkwardness at speaking about community, our unwillingness to think seriously about remorse, and our devastating lack of vocabulary for the growth and nurture of the self through time.

This book by a master of contemporary Christian thought sketches out a renewed language for the soul.

“There is nothing remotely sentimental in these clearsighted, closely-argued pages, in which Archbishop Williams pleads, with wisdom, compassion and cool articulate anger, for the recovery of habits of self understanding in grave danger of becoming unavailable: for childhood, friendship and remorse, as aspects of identity fashioned and discovered over time.” Professor Nicholas Lash

“Those who are already familiar with the writings of Rowan Williams will know of his git of taking the ordinary stuff of human experience and opening it up to show how it can carry is into the mystery of God incarnate. They will not be surprised to discover that in this new book he once again enlightens us.” The Most Revd Frank T Griswold

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